Dark Listening December 9, 2019


photo by Lyssa Pearson, design by Paul Walde & Jeff Morton

LaSaM presents Dark Listening, A Sonic Moment for Deep Times, December 9, 2019 from 7 to 9 pm at MediaNet’s FLUX Gallery, 821 Fort Street, Victoria, BC.

Admission is Pay-What-You-Can (all proceeds donated to MediaNet)

Visiting artist Jeff Morton joins Paul Walde, George Tzanetakis and Tina Pearson (Experimental Music Unit) and guests Monday December 9 at 7 pm at MediaNet, Victoria, BC.

Within darkening skies, and darkening times, Dark Listening offers immersion into sonic contemplations of the seas, lands and air: Quiet sounds, deep sounds, provocative sounds, eery sounds, uncanny sounds, dark and light sounds. Sounds for contemplating, sounds for breathing, sounds for dreaming.

The evening features the late Pauline Oliveros’ exquisite work Arctic Air, where she asks us to consider how different qualities of air affect our listening, and to consider the listening of all beings through her narrated text The Earthworm Also Sings. New interactions with the Experimental Music Unit, whose exploratory music is informed by the nuance of listening and playing together over many years, will also be performed through dark listening works inspired by the Salish Sea and created for the event by Morton and Pearson.

Paul Walde, electric bass

George Tzanetakis, reeds and kaval

Tina Pearson, flute, voice, accordion

Jeff Morton, pedal steel guitar and electronics

With guests Christine Walde (narration), Chris Reiche, Arlene Carson and others

What audience members said about Dark Listening 2014:

“What an incredible sonic journey … you touched places inside of me I never even knew I had … truly epic and remarkable combined with the spoken poetry and beautiful lighting. It was inspiring how you utilized silence with a touch of deeper musical mystery … you had me guessing and wanting more and more of what was coming next … – Hon Soulo Chow

Thank you … this was a sonic treat I heard and felt from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. It was human, animal, earthly, cosmic and otherworldly … at times soft and round; at times sharp and angular … all held in an unpretentious, homegrown yet classy, mysterious kind of vibe. I loved the moments of pause in the darkness which was lit with our heightened sense of hearing – the result of how your sound scaping opened us. I loved the poetic narration. Thank you for your unique and refreshing offering. – Karin Lewis



February 2017 Music for Natural History Update

LaSaM is excited to announce that we have received a Canada Council Music Production grant to complete the Music For Natural History audio album for release in 2017. This sound composition by Tina Pearson and Paul Walde was performed to sold out audiences in the Natural History Gallery at the Royal BC Museum in January 2016. Subsequently, we made recordings of the 16 musicians performing the sounds of the flora and fauna of the Gallery’s Forest and Shoreline dioramas. We will be putting the finishing touches on this work in the coming months. We will keep the LaSaM community posted as the project develops!


We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, which last year invested $153 million to bring the arts to Canadians throughout the country.


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Songs For Glass Island April 7, 8, and 9 2016

Glass Island titles no performers no spiral

Victoria April 7, 7 pm and April 8, 1 pm, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, 1040 Moss Street

Vancouver April 9, hosted by Contemporary Art Gallery at Pyatt Hall, 843 Seymour Street (VSO School of Music)

LaSaM’s Experimental Music Unit (Tina Pearson, George Tzanetakis and Paul Walde) present their all-glass collaboration with guest Oslo-based sound and media artist Camille NormentSongs For Glass Island takes inspiration from the unrealized land art work Island of Broken Glass by the late American artist Robert Smithson, who proposed encrusting in glass a Miami Islet, a small pumice islet off the coast of Vancouver Island.
14 with Tina from 13 cropped and balanced   
Using glass as their medium, the artists imagine possible sounds, stories, textures, and ecologies of Smithson’s fabled island. The juxtaposition of the practices of sound art and experimental music performance create a visually stunning and sonically captivating audiovisual concert length program featuring large sheets of glass, glass gongs, and shards, Norment’s glass ‘armonica, Pearson’s glass harp, and tuned wind instruments made from glass.
More info here.

Music for Natural History January 15/16 2016

Retangular FB invite flattened more grain sized

Update: Thank you for the support! We are humbled and grateful for the dedication of the performers, the volunteers, and the staff of the Royal BC Museum in making this project such a success. All four performances as well as the invitation-only preview of Music for Natural History were sold out. Stay tuned for news of the sounds coming outside in the spring, and for updates about the Music for Natural History film and CD.

It’s here! After months of work, LaSaM’s production of our performative sound installation at the Royal BC Museum in Victoria will be presented Friday and Saturday, January 15 and 16, 2016.

Music for Natural History, composed by Tina Pearson and Paul Walde, features 16 performers using listening skills and sonic mimicry to re-animate the Forest and Seashore dioramas in the Museum’s Natural History Gallery.

Media Release with performer and ticketing information: Music4NatHistory2016-MR6. For complete information, please visit our Music for Natural History page.

Music for Natural History Project Launched


LaSaM’s large scale project Music for Natural History, a performance installation for the Natural History Gallery of the Royal BC Musuem, is officially launched Saturday October 17, 2015 with Natural History Soundwalk at the Museum. The event will introduce the project and its themes and take participants on a soundwalk through the Coastal Forest diorama and Beacon Hill Park.

“The workshop allows us to tune in to the unexpected interconnections between landscape, identity, and technology,” says Kim Gough, Royal BC Museum’s Adult Learning Team Lead.

Supported by the Canada Council for the Arts / le Conceil des arts du Canada


Music for Mycologists CD Released

M4M Cover

LaSaM’s Experimental Music Unit announces the release of its Music for Mycologists CD. More information and purchasing options can be found here. Physical or digital versions are available.

Music for Mycologists CD Release Concert

Saturday June 6, 2015 at Open Space, 510 Fort Street, Victoria BC

LaSaM’s Experimental Music Unit – Tina Pearson (flute, voice); George Tzanetakis (bass clarinet), Paul Walde (bass guitar), Kirk McNally (live electronic processing) present the Music for Mycologists CD release concert!

American composer John Cage was an avid mycologist. Cage often quipped that music and mushrooms have nothing to do with one another except for the fact that they appear next to each other in the dictionary. Experimental Music Unit (EMU) puts the veracity of this statement to the test with Music for Mycologists, a collection of compositions by Paul Walde, Tina Pearson, Czech composer Vaclav Halek and the EMU trio. Music for Mycologists focuses on relationships between music making and mushroom hunting, exposing the sometimes fragile process of discovering sounds of rare and raw beauty that exist just beyond perception … Read More

Please join us Saturday June 6 at 8 pm at Open Space

Advance: $16 general, $11 students/seniors/members
Door: $20 general, $15 students/seniors/members
Tickets: or call 1-800-838-3006

SOCAN Foundation Logo_Outlined

Concert: Dark Listening, with Norm Adams

December 28, 2014, Merlin’s Sun Home Theatre, Victoria: Halifax cellist and director of Suddenly Listen join LaSaM’s Experimental Music Unit and guests in a provocative and contemplative offering of sound making in tune with seasonal darkness. With compositions by Pauline Oliveros, Norm Adams, Tina Pearson and EMU members. Performed by Norm Adams (cello), Paul Walde (electric bass), George Tzanetakis (reeds), Tina Pearson (flute, glass, voice) and guests. Stay tuned for details.

Workshop: Sounding the Natural History Gallery

November 21, 2014, Royal BC Museum, Victoria: Paul Walde and Tina Pearson continue themes from their September workshop during the Royal BC Museum’s night time programming. Check back for details

Concert: Music For Mycologists

November 15, 2014, Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey BC: LaSaM’s trio, the Experimental Music Unit, will perform selections from their Music For Mycologists program during the Gallery’s annual Sound Thinking Symposium. Compositions by Paul Walde, Tina Pearson and John Cage.

Workshop: Music For Natural History (postponed)

September 20, 2014, 1-4 pm, Royal BC Museum, Victoria: Paul Walde and Tina Pearson will present a listening and sounding workshop, leading participants in a soundwalk through the Natural History Gallery, and out through the grounds to Beacon Hill Park. Click here for details. (Postponed, check back for update)

Concert: Music for Mycologists

December 1, 2013, Legacy Art Gallery, Victoria: In conjunction with the University of Victoria’s Department of Visual Arts Faculty Exhibition “Paradox”, LaSaM presents Music for Mycologists, a collection of works composed and performed by George Tzanetakis, Tina Pearson and Paul Walde.

Paul Walde’s large mushroom spore prints in the exhibition Paradox are in fact a music notation intended to be interpreted sonically when exhibited. Accordingly, the musicians, Tina Pearson (glass, flute, voice), George Tzanetakis (bass clarinet)  and Walde (bass guitar and percussion), present a program that uses mushroom hunting as a metaphor for uncovering those sounds of rare and raw beauty that exist just beyond perception.

Deep Listening Study Group

October 6 – December 8, 2013, various locations, Victoria: a 10-week series of one-hour workshops led by Tina Pearson.

A Sonic Equinox 

September 21, 2013, Durrance Lake, BC: Durrance Lake
Working directly with the landscape, LaSaM presents an evening of
performances at Durance Lake.  New works and new interpretation of
works by Yoko Ono, Pauline Oliveros and LaSaM’s Tina Pearson invite
audience members to experience the environment through the lens of
these innovative compositions and performances.  
This program will interact with and at times integrate with the natural
environment at Durance Lake.  As the sun sets the performers will be
immersed into darkness only becoming visible once the full moon rises
an hour later. The unique performance venue, combined with extreme
spatializtion of the ensemble and a lack of theatrical visuals is an invitation
for listening in its most active and engaged form.
Stay tuned for more details.

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