Experimental Music Unit

EMU triple portrait photos by Christine and Lyssa

Paul Walde (bass guitar, percussion), Tina Pearson (flute, voice, accordion, tuned glass); George Tzanetakis (bass clarinet, clarinet, alto sax), with Kirk McNally (audio engineer, live processing)

The Experimental Music Unit is the core ensemble of LaSaM Music, a Victoria organization that has been producing adventurous music events in Victoria since 2008. LaSaM is known for its themed projects informed by aural tradition, improvisation, relationships between the natural world, sound and music, acoustic ecology and the provocative ideas of music practitioners from many times and places. (Dark Listening, In a Large Open Space, And Beethoven Heard Nothing, Music for Natural History, Removing the Demon and others.)


The Experimental Music Unit’s inaugural project, Music for Mycologists, was premiered in Victoria at the Legacy Art Gallery in 2013. It was also presented at the Surrey Art Gallery (2014) and at Victoria’s Open Space in 2015. The Music For Mycologists CD was released in 2015, produced by EMU and Kirk McNally at the University of Victoria.

Front Cover sized for webcroppedMusic for Mycologists is also available as a digital download on Bandcamp.


LaSaM Music produced Music for Natural History in January 2016 at the Royal BC Museum – a project composed by EMU members Tina Pearson and Paul Walde and featuring all three members (as well as 15 other musicians) as performers.