Art’s Birthday 2009

ART’S BIRTHDAY 2009 (January 17)

LaSaM’s 2009 edition of Art’s Birthday at Open Space featured performers Kristy Farkas, Chris Reiche and Tina Pearson with guests Alfons Fear (trumpet), Colin Dower (percussion) and Michael Bennyworth.
Following a sonic Happy Birthday parade through the downtown Victoria Bay Centre, accompanied by Judy Price and her traveling cupcakes, LaSaM performed an extended rendition of Happy Birthday to Art in a networked collaboration with Andreas Mueller (Electronics) in Regensburg, Germany, and Norman Lowrey (Singing Masks) in Madison, New Jersey for the local audience as well as the large crowd gathered at Pomodoro Bolzano in Germany via the virtual reality platform Second Life.
To close the event, LaSaM provided an avant garde accompaniment to a game of musical chairs for the Open Space audience, mc’d by performance artist John Boehme.

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