Art’s Birthday 2010

ART’S BIRTHDAY 2010 (January 16 and 17)

LaSaM‘s contributions to the 2010 international birthday party in celebration of Art included a multi-generational improvised music house party on the evening of January 16. Contributing sounds were James Player (electric guitar with effects), Brian Stubbs (electronics, drum, effects), Chris Reiche (keyboards), George Tzanetakis (saxophones), Tina Pearson (accordion, flute) and others.
The following morning, between the hours of 5 and 8 am, LaSaM situated a small ensemble at Durrance Lake, northwest of Victoria, to perform a misty pre-dawn version of Yoko Ono’s Secret Piece, known as her first written piece of music. Contributing sounds were Hunter Boucher (ocarina), Chris Reiche (recorder), George Tzanetakis (flute) and Tina Pearson (sopranino recorder and voice). Videographer was Grace Salez.

Photo, Grace Salez