John Cage’s 4’33” on November 11


Perform John Cage’s 4’33” on November 11th, at noon local time, anywhere in the world. Perform alone or gather in groups. Locations, photos and recordings of the event can be posted on the Cage’s 4’33” Facebook page.


2012 was the centenary of the birth of renowned composer John Cage. Around the world, music organizations, ensembles, publications, and schools planned significant events to celebrate Cage and his impact on the art world.

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Randy Raine Reusch, in dicussion with composer-performer Tina Pearson, proposed a free, open and global event centred around Cage’s iconic 1952 composition 4’33″. The invitation read as follows: “At noon local time, wherever you are on November 11, 2012, gather at a park near you or anywhere you wish to be with a musical instrument and perform John Cage’s 4’33″.

The event has turned into an annual one, with open participation: Everyone is welcome to participate, by performing on your own, creating an event with others, or attending a known event. Visit the Facebook page to find out more or post your performance.

Irwin Kremen on the original score (in proportional notation):

Link to an available version of the score for purchase or viewing:

An aspect of this score could be said to encourage listening without judgement. Listen to the world around you, listen to your heart, listen to all the sounds you have heard, listen to all that you have ever heard, will hear, have not heard, listen to everything at once without identifying it, labeling it or judging it as good or bad.

“No day goes by without my making use of that piece [4’33”] in my life and in my work. I listen to it every day. . . . I don’t sit down to do it. I turn my attention toward it. I realize that it’s going on continuously. More than anything, it is the source of my enjoyment of life. . . . Music is continuous. It is only we who turn away.”
–John Cage in conversation with William Duckworth

A project of LaSaM Music and HMR3 Productions


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