Music For Mycologists CD

M4M Cover

Front Cover sized for webcropped    inside cover websized

3 panel gatefold websized-cropped  backcover_websizedpsd-cropped

CD with cardboard case and liner notes. Prices include shipping

Canada $15.00 CAD USA $18.00 CAD Elsewhere $20.00 CAD

Digital download available via EMU on Bandcamp

Music for Mycologists is a collection of three works by the Experimental Music Unit (Tina Pearson, George Tzanetakis Paul Walde), a trio of LaSaM Music in Victoria, BC. Music for Mycologists explores relationships between music making and mushroom hunting, exposing the sometimes fragile process of discovering sounds of rare and raw beauty that exist just beyond perception.

EMU triple portrait photos by Christine and Lyssa

Paul Walde‘s Interdeterminancy (for John Cage), which opens the CD, is a musical realization of eight large mushroom spore printed panels designed as a graphic notation. Mycelium Running, an EMU collaboration, is a multi-movement sonic study of fungi that references Paul Stamets’ book of the same title, particularly in its description of the life cycle and anatomy of mushrooms. Closing the CD is Tina Pearson’s Hunt (3) Chanterelles, a set of sonic textures that reflect the sensations and attention states inspired by her mother’s ancestral mushroom hunting practice. Referenced in the opening and closing movements of Hunt (3) is John Cage’s 4’33”, through a mix of field recordings of live outdoor performances of this iconic work.

1aMusicForMycologistsIMG_0894   1aMusicForMycologistsIMG_1272

Track Listing and Audio Excerpts

1. Interdeterminacy (Paul Walde) listen

2. Mycelium Running (EMU) listen

3. Hunt(3)Chanterelles (Tina Pearson) listen

Performed by Paul Walde, bass guitar; George Tzanetakis, clarinets; Tina Pearson, flute-voice

Produced by Kirk McNally, Tina Pearson, George Tzanetakis and Paul Walde. Recorded and mastered by Kirk McNally 2014-2015 at the University of Victoria, BC.

Graphic Design by Jesse Gibb



The album is the result of three years of planning and experimentation with long-form instrumental compositions with slowly evolving and layered textures and atmospheres. In EMU’s soundworld for Music for Mycologists, intentional microscopic attention is paid to typically peripheral instrument and body sounds, such as the nuances of breath, pre-tone whispers and whistles, the tap of instrument keys, the sound of a bow slowly crunching, and the charged pause of acute listening.

1aMusicForMycologistsIMG_1293   1aMusicForMycologistsIMG_1166

EMU is the core ensemble of LaSaM Music, a Victoria organization that has been producing creatively adventurous music events in Victoria since 2008. LaSaM is known for its original themed projects inspired by relationships between the natural world, sound and music; the provocative ideas of music practitioners who work outside the margins; and the act of listening itself. Previous major projects include Dark Listening (2014), Music for Natural History (2012), In a Large Open Space (2011), “And Beethoven Heard Nothing” (2010), and Removing the Demon (2009) among others

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