Compilation Anti-Dote: Solstice 2009

Photo - Grace Salez. Collage by Valerie Salez.

COMPILATION ANTI-DOTE (December 21, 2010)

Orange Hall, Victoria BC Doors open 7:30, music 8 – 10 pm


LaSaM‘s annual yowl at encrusted seasonal norms.

LaSaM musicians and guests presented altered, transformed, warped and other variations of seasonal music, experimental video and improvised projections in this celebration of deepest dark and return of the light.

Compilation Anti-Dote 2009 was was a lively audio-visual party held at Victoria’s Orange Hall in Fernwood.   The event featured performance projections by Grace Salez and short experimental films by Scott Amos, Grace Salez, Pamela Millar and Dianne Searle.

James Player performing during Compilation Anti-Dote, Solstice 2009. Photo Lyssa Pearson

Musical offerings were performed by Diane Taylor, James Player, Brian Stubbs, Seaweedhead, Paul Charbonneau and the LaSaM Quintet: Cathy Lewis (voice), Chris Reiche (keyboards), George Tzanetakis (sax and clarinet), Kristy Farkas (percussion) and Tina Pearson (accordion, voice, flute).

Large ensemble, Compilation Anti-Dote, Solstice 2009. Photo Lyssa Pearson

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