Nosferatu’s Shadow (2009)

Image from “Nosferatu”

Nosferatu’s Shadow was a LaSaM production at Victoria’s Solstice cafe November 6, 2009. Nosferatu’s Shadow was a collectively-created live music / atmospheric soundscape to accompany the original 1922 silent version of the film “Nosferatu: A Symphony of Terror” by FW Murnau.

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The film screening was followed by “Open Mic Nightmares”, a set of sonic improvisations to the spoken word offerings of audience members.

Grace Salez

Grace Salez

George Tzanetakis – saxophone, clarinet, percussion
Chris Reiche – DX7, bowls, percussion
Kristy Farkas – bells, melodica, cello, percussion
Tina Pearson – glass, accordion, voice
Hunter Boucher – host and film assistance

Photo Lyssa Pearson