Compilation Anti-Dote: Soltice 2010

Photo – Grace Salez. Collage by Valerie Salez.

Wed. December 22, 2010

Fort Street Cafe Doors open 7:30, music 8 – 10 pm

Cover $5

LaSaM‘s second yowl at encrusted seasonal norms.

Compilation Anti-dote is a multi-discipline / multi-genre celebration of the season with experimental film and retuned, detuned, warped and otherwise altered seasonal music. If your eyes and ears are longing for something other than the inescapably banal, this is the time and place to be.

LaSaM’s Compilation Anti-Dote at Fort Street Cafe December 2010 brought collaborations with two of Victoria’s finest creative musicians: Anne Schaefer and Kelby MacNayer; and the return of past collaborators Brian Stubbs and Paul Charbonneau.

A quartet accompaniment to Pamela Millar’s beautiful video Blue Bridge inspired plans for a longer composition of the same theme, while Grace Salez’ film 5 Senses invoked a sonic accompaniment based on the harmonic series from bells heard in the film.

Timothy Gosley again astounded with a spectacular, nuanced and magical show of light, projection and reflection.

Sounds by

Paul Charbonneau; electronics, laptop
Kelby MacNayer; drum kit
Tina Pearson; keyboards, flute, accordion, voice
Anne Schaefer; keyboards, violin, voice
Brian Stubbs; electronics, live mixing
George Tzanetakis; saxophone, clarinet

Anne Schaefer

Visuals by

Timothy Gosley; live projections, reflections and shadows
Grace Salez; video
Pamela Millar; video
Paul Charbonneau; projections