LAND SEA SKY is a text score for outdoor performance written early in 2021 by Tina Pearson for the Experimental Music Unit (George Tzanetakis – bass clarinet, Paul Walde – percussion, and Tina Pearson – voice, flute, percussion). It reflects the trio’s relationships of listening and playing closely together through 10 years and multiple collaborative projects, and its increasing focus on land-based artmaking, including Biospheric Art Practice.

During the composition and development of the piece, EMU friend and colleague Raj Sen, director of Victoria’s Open Space, passed away. Raj’s remarkable and generous spirit inspired the final version of the piece, which is dedicated to him.

The trio made its first outdoor performance of LAND SEA SKY at Finnerty Cove, Lekwungen-speaking peoples’ territory, on March 3, 2021.

The trio each recorded their own performance, which were mixed by Paul Walde and combined with photos by Lyssa Pearson to create a video of the work. This video, along with the score, became part of the Embassy Cultural House (London Ontario) Earth Day 2021 online exhibition Stop Extinction! Restore the Earth

As part of the World Listening Day, July 18, 2021, EMU will perform LAND SEA SKY at Finnerty Cove, on Lekwungen territory.

Anyone is welcome to witness the performance, to listen from their own sense of the place. They are reminded to be responsible within the environment and to take care of their safety and needs. Please note that anyone attending the location is doing so at their own risk. No seating is available. Shade is available inside the shelter. An excerpt from the score:

“For performance in an outdoor environment where there is a presence of Land (Rock or Earth) Sea (Any body of water) Sky (Sky, Wind, Cloud)

Starting with stillness, take time for an attention on breath, an observance of the body’s connection with the ground and the air of the environs. Begin with a Listening Walk toward the chosen outdoor location, Waiting for a welcome, a gentle entry, not trespassing.”

Sunday, July 18, 11 am – 12 pm on the shoreline outside the Finnerty Cove shelter, accessed by pathway from the end of Haro Road or from the Southeast parking lot of the Queen Alexandria Centre, Victoria, BC.

On the same day, a video of EMU’s first performance of this piece will be streamed as part of the World Listening Day 24-hour stream on their youtube channel at

Biospheric Art Practice is an art-in-the-environment practice that intends a respectful listening interaction with the biosphere, embodying a sensual and perceptual awareness of its complex lifeforms, and its human and other ancestries.